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Carlo Nobili Rubinetterie factories

Suno (NO)

Nobili Suno

Is the heart of the company. Built in the 90s, now occupies an area of 200 thousand square meters, of which 45 000 are covered. Inside the most sophisticated robotic machines operated by highly qualified personnel allow total control in all phases of the product, imposing it at European level in the industrial sector of the fitting as the most technologically advanced and more productively verticalised. Again manufacturing excellence has been pursued with a logical harmonic, where production spaces are bright and rational to allow staff to work in the best possible conditions. Located conveniently near all'areoporto Malpensa International airport, is easily accessible from the A26.


Verbania (VB)

Nobili Verbania

The Verbania factory located inside the Technopark of Lake Maggiore, in a special area for cutting edge technology and environmental friendliness. This plant is the European reference for the high-end taps made of stainless steel, produced inside the prestigious brand Superinox Nobili.

Borgomanero (NO)

Nobili Borgomanero

The plant in Borgomanero represents the historical memory of the company: already in 1954 were built the first pieces signed Nobili. Over the years, it was joined by three other factories, close together: Dormelletto, Suno and Verbania. Currently inside the cartridges are assembled ceramics, work with passion and meticulous attention thanks to an efficient automation of the production process. Is still the administrative offices of the company.

Dormelletto (NO)

Nobili Dormelletto

The production unit of Dormelletto, opened in the 70s, is located within the Natural Park of Ticino. Recently upgraded and developed, has become the establishment more equipped and organized worldwide for the production of thermostatic taps, distinguished by the high degree of automation conjugated to a remarkable flexibility. This industrial excellence was completed creating innovative wastewater treatment plants of processing waste, in order to meet one of the fundamental values for Nobili: the environment, worthily represented by a park with two old trees.